Refinancing your Singapore Mortgage Loan through brokers

Refinancing your Singapore Mortgage Loan through brokers – Singapore is going through a tough period of time where many people are losing their businesses and their jobs. The Covid-19 crisis has caused a slowdown in the world economy. Many people who know that trade is one of the reason why Singapore is doing so well will know that this will be tough for Singapore with world trade slowing down till to the pandemic.

It might take quite a long time before this will restart again. With this slowdown, interest rates have gone down by quite a bit.

Singapore business are suffering from the closure of businesses for the two months of circuit breaker and most business are still suffering from a severe fall in business revenue. With no revenue, there are unlikely to be able to pay salaries and rental.

With low interest rates, we are looking at Mortgage rates falling to 1% or around those figures.

This is one thing that rarely happens and unlikely to happen for a long time.

It makes sense for people who own properties to now refinance their Singapore Mortgage Loans from the high of 2.XX% to the current fixed rates of 1.45% or even floating rates at 1.1%.

This is something that many people should look into when they are getting their mortgage loans to be reduced.

Mortgage Refinancing Services in Singapore can be done easily with a Singapore Mortgage Loan Broker. When you refinance you can save a couple of hundred dollars, that can be deployed in better places, such as investments or buying more food and things for use.

Avant Mortgage is our Singapore partner for such services for Singapore Mortgage Loan Advisory and we work closely with them to provide such services for our clients that need help with such work.

Refinancing your Singapore Mortgage Loan through brokers

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