DacEasy Version 2014

DacEasy Version 2014

DacEasy Version 2014 (Sage DacEasy) has an updated, more modern look. As you navigate through the modules, you can appreciate the change in appearance without any disruption in your business processes. The Sage DacEasy module toolbars now provide you with more intuitive access to commonly used commands. The Sage DacEasy interface also supports the appearance conventions of the most current Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.

DacEasy Verion 2014 now has these relevant and key features:
  • Vendors and Purchasing
  • Inventory and Pricing
  • Customers and Sales
  • Orders and shipping
  • Employees and Payroll
  • Payroll Month End, Payroll Quarter End, Payroll Year End
  • Daily Sales
  • Banking and Financials
  • Period End, Period Year End
  • Company Set up, Table Set up
  • Defaults and Records
Enhanced History Lookup

With a new history lookup shortcut, you have the right information to make the right decision(s) at your fingertips! Now you
can quickly see vendor past history to purchase the correct item, plus easily view past customer history, ensuring you select
the appropriate entry for the quote.

Customized Email Subject Lines

Sage DacEasy provides better support for electronic billing and records delivery with custom email subject lines where you
can define custom text for each form you generate. When you print these forms and send them by email, Sage DacEasy
automatically inserts this custom text into the subject line of the email message, along with the form number and customer/
vendor name if you choose.

Fast Lookup For Unpaid Invoices

No more endless scrolling! We’ve added a filter to easily exclude fully paid invoices, so you see only the ones that are
outstanding and may require follow up. Then simply use various options to sort and select the order in which you want
them to appear.

Easy Kit Bundling

Now you can assign several items to create a predefined kit in both Order Entry and Point of Sale, which can be sold at a
specific price, saving time and ensuring accuracy. When the kit is sold, all of the items in the bundle are properly deducted
from inventory. Not only do you complete sales faster, your entire inventory can be turned more rapidly.

Efficient Multiple Record Updates

Several of the most common fields have been added to the Sage DacEasy global change utility. Just enter the change one
time and have it apply to all items that were selected so you save time, ensure accuracy, and avoid costly errors. Also use
this functionality to apply discounts to various products, delete several invoices at once, change billing rates for a number of
customers, apply ZIP code changes, update salespeople’s territories, and more.

Identifiable Customer Payment Methods

Now you’re able to more accurately assess your customer preferences (credit card, check, money order, and so on) as they remit
payments for invoices. You can analyze customer payment trends to make sure your business is on top of the latest market and
industry developments.

Single Reference Point For Key Performance Data

Now you can see all of your dashboard information from one screen. View all five dashboards – Bank Accounts, Sales,
Customers, Vendors, and Products – in a single dashboard for at-a-glance access to the data you use most. And from
this location you can drill into your data for more information.

Better Reporting

You’ll appreciate the detailed bank reconciliation report available in Sage DacEasy, which is so effective, it allows you to
reproduce bank reconciliation reports at any time. During the reconciliation process, you can choose to print the original
Summary Bank Reconciliation report or the new Detail Bank Reconciliation report and print for any date range.

DacEasy Version 2014