DacEasy Acc A.E. Version 13

DacEasy Accounting Asian Edition Version 13

Extended amount field specially designed for Indonesia and Asian users. DacEasy Accounting A.E. Version 13 includes a number of new features designed to increase productivity, data integrity, and data management. Enhancements include the ability to protect your data integrity by improving the Backup and Restore routines, more flexibility with your bank accounts by getting real-time bank activity, the ability to purge the Check Register through any date, and more.

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DacEasy Acc A.E. Version 13 with 10 Major Modules:
  • General Ledger
  • Account Receivables Ledger
  • Account Payables Ledger
  • Cash Management (Receipts & Payments)
  • Purchasing (Merchandise Received)
  • Billing (Invoices)
  • Inventory Management
  • Recurring (General Ledger, Payments, Invoices)
  • Fixed Assets
  • Custom Reports Writer
Key Features:

• Extension of amount fields (xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx.xx)
• Sales order processing (Order Entry)
• GST Tax Analysis Report
• Increased Phone Digits (xxx) xxxx-xxxx
• Local Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
• Update the General Ledger & the Check Register Online
• Increased Field Sizes
• Improve Audit Checks
• Easily Locate Cursor in Grids
• Date Selector Button
• Custom Fields
• Publish to HTML
• Pervasive.SQL 2000i
• Customizable toolbars
• Microsoft Word & Excel integration
• Presentation quality reporting
• Post general ledger and cash transactions online.
• Advanced system security through Access Rights Control.
• Transaction listing with multiple sorting and range options.
• Export and import information in various formats (Excel, HTML, delimited ASCII and text).
• Easy Setup enables you to quickly set up your business with an easy-to-follow checklist.
• Track fixed assets by location, department, serial number or class; and by service, retirement or generation dates.
• Monitor the sales of services, non-inventory and inventory items.
• Customize and format reports or forms for any business application.
• Make global changes to customers, vendors, products and salespeople.
• Purge old unwanted transactions and codes.
• Set up default information for customers, vendors and products.

General Ledger:

• Import transactions from comma delimited files directly to the general ledger.
• Calendar or fiscal year reporting.
• Cash flow analysis report.
• Departmentalize your profits by customer groups or inventory types.
• Consolidate multiple companies for financial reporting.

Receivables & Payables:

• Generate Minimum Finance Charge
• Multiple Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable accounts
• Exclude paid invoices from statements
• Aging Reports with the option to include or exclude paid invoices, plus an Audit Aging Report.

Cash Management:

• Purge the Check Register At Any Time
• Print Voucher for Cash Receipts
• AutoPay Vendors
• Deposit Slip Totals
• Print Deposit Slips
• Bank reconciliation feature that can be saved.
• Enter receipts or payments and apply them to invoices or directly to general ledger accounts.

Purchasing & Billing:

• Unit Price Exclusive of GST
• Auto Purchase Order
• Auto Reorder and Auto Return
• Purchasing Suspense
• Credit Check
• Shipping Methods
• Invoice entry for service- or inventory-based businesses.
• Track sales information by salesperson.
• Track customer & vendor transaction history.
• Track profitability of sales staff.
• Generate general sales messages on statements or invoices.
• Specify sales prices and discounts.


• Inventory & Value Adjustments
• Multiple warehouse tracking
• Track Product Weights
• Classify product or service codes as commissionable items.
• Print product price labels.
• Preset minimum stocking levels.
• Track product transaction history.
• Set standard reorder quantities that show on the product alert report.
• Assemble products and invoice finished goods.
• Direct labor costs can be added to the assembly process.
• Attach messages to products using the Sales Assistant.
• Create multi-level price breaks.

Quote / Order Entry:

• Enter order, blanket order and RMA
• Auto-reorder
• Assemble items
• Enter serial numbers
• Convert quote to order
• Convert order to invoice
• Print sales order
• Print invoice
• Check order status
• Fill backorder
• Print order report

DacEasy Accounting Asian Edition Version 13